Lucky #5 

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So I have been a little MIA of late. Getting my head right and organised for our last ever FET ON Wed 6/4 😁😁😁😁🙏🏻

I had my last ever ovulation blood test on Sat morn and completely lost it driving home, I was a blubbering mess.  Certain songs just set me off then I was done. It was like I had an overwhelming sense of relief that I never have to have another ovulation test and after these next two weeks, never have to deal with IVF ever again.  We are emotionally and financially done, done, done!!! 

I ovulated day 12 of cycle which is earlier than usual! Got a chakra cleanse on Thursday and hopefully get some magic potion to make this little frostie stick ☺️ just want to know my angels are guiding me through this last leg of this journey, no matter what the outcome. 

I like the number 5! I love me a bit of Chanel no5, My birthday is on the 5th day of the 5th month and this will be our 5th transfer over the past 2 years. 

Positive thinking is all I can do.   I have a funeral tomorrow and my little man has an ear infection and I feel like I’m fighting a cold… But I am not giving up, fighting through all this.  I am  ready….I got this … 

Here’s the song I keep hearing! Old school, but I’m loving it

Time for a breather 

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So I am now finished with all the needles, all the tests and the emotional crap – well for next cycle anyway. 

I had my egg collection this week, bit  emotional and sore after,  but have come good now. Just hugely bloated and keen to get healthy. 
Fantastic result with 11 eggs collected and 6 frosties !!! Those little frozen miracles have made it to day 3 and we are continuing to day 5 and pray that they make it. 

My physchic tells me I’ll have more than enough and be preggo & will be in Oct/Nov! So I am holding onto that to keep the strength up to continue.  Whatever works really. She also said I’ll know the minute  it works and gave me some amazing details of morning sickness and so on…. Fuck I can’t wait to feel morning sickness😉. 

My life needs to calm down a bit and I need to do a shit load of yoga to get this body ready for transfer hopefully early Oct.  I have made a  decision about my career, which my husband now backs me on and I feel excited about the future!

Talk about a roller coaster over the past couple of months…lots of waiting and emotions, I won’t lie – I’m exhausted.  But moving in a positive direction..thank goodness. 

Dissapointed with the new plan

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Well the last few days have been a super huge roller coaster of emotions thats for sure.  

Super early follie scans and blood tests before work over the past few days have been intense and unfortunately this afternoon the nurses called to advise that even though I had a couple of follies at 18mm (they need 3, but were confident one more would grow) my progesterone level was too high, so if they are able to get any embies out of Tuesdays collection, they will need to be frozen and I have to wait one to two cycles before doing a Frozen Transfer as they want drugs completely out of my system.

Sooooo dissapointed !!  now need to get my head around this new plan.  I feel like maybe this is not meant to be and I am just pushing fate?  I should stop with my son and be grateful as people have said.  I know how lucky I am to have IVF work with him, but it doesnt stop me wanting to add to our family and give him a sibling/bestie for life.   

I have zero support right now, I have never felt so alone that what I feel right now and wish it was different….I know I need to suck it up though and enjoy the time with my son,  I dont want to waste that time feeling sorry for myself.

God what a whingy post! Oh well you were warned, my blog is pure therapy and typing it out is the only way to get this shit out my head. 😁

Tomorrow is a new day, the trigger injection is required at 10pm, I  can barely stay up past 8:30pm!  It looks so bloody complicated, i have 3-4 viles to mix and jab. God i hope i get it right!