Nope 😞

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Gut was right, little embie did not stick and had a level of 15 today, it needs to be at 5 or less to fail but usually higher than 55. Fucking devestated and frustrated and feel stupid and greedy for trying for a second child. 

I have to go in Monday for another b.test to confirm, I know it’s not going to suddenly jump to positive. That’s a 2hour trip just for that and be told again.. Yep it didn’t work. 

I know I’ll be ok, I’ll allow myself time to process and re plan my next step. 

I honestly dont know what to do next..I have one frostie left… Can I do this again? Do i even have the emotional strength To deal with another and final disappointment..that’s technically 4 failed times now. When  is enough … How do I know the right decision … Should I donate my last frostie??? Considering that one is of the least highest quality, the chances of it working are less than the last 3. 

I truly understand the pain of infertility for people without any children at all, I am well aware how lucky I am. I just gotta vent. I’m sad and disappointed… 

Urgh such a Debbie downer post. I’m really not usually so blah… I promise ☺️