Celebrating Abby


So on the 27/6 my due date will come and go and I am wondering what to do to acknowledge and celebrate this day in a way that might help bring me closure.

Lately the grief and sadness about this miscarriage is consuming me and keeps surfacing no matter how hard I try to do other things and keep busy. The shrink I’ve seen is fucking useless! She’s a 100 years old, can’t hear properly & doesn’t remember each time I visit – so she’s fired as of yesterday.

I’ve found a medium/reiki/grief councillor that I am going to in July and hopefully nurture myself a bit. I’m looking fwd to that. She completely understood what I needed and hopefully this will help. I need the Angels help right now.🌟🌟🌟🌟

There’s Over 6 years of thinking about/doing/operations/cycle days/injections/babies/highs/lows to come to a close.  I know I am a strong person, I can do this but wow harder than I thought to get my head around everything.  Must keep going……I can beat this underlying sadness… I can accept my new path and learn to live with it.

If anyone has any nice ideas for celebrating Abby, feel free to share ☺️🌟💐 

15 thoughts on “Celebrating Abby

  1. I am quite a newbie to your blog, but have been following the last couple of months. Sorry to hear that the miscarriage sadness is overwhelming. I’ve been thinking about a nice way to celebrate Abby – what about lighting a Japanese lantern with a message to her? You can watch the lantern drift on up to the sky, and maybe this will help bring some sort of closure? I think there may be some restrictions about when and where you can release sky lanterns – so perhaps check up on that first for your country!

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    1. What a wonderful idea thank you so much. I will check it out for Australia as I would like to do that. I think you are right it would be lovely way to visualise closure. Thankyou so much for taking the time to help me xxx ☺️🌺

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  2. I don’t know if this will help but after my miscarriage my councillor recommended getting something tangible. So I bought a pandora charm of a star that I wear on a bracelet. I quite often admire it and it’s my most precious charm.

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    1. Well that’s promising thank you (the Reiki part) , I’m looking forward to getting some sort of internal cleanse and release ☺️. I am very sorry about your 3 failed IVF’s though 😦 xx 🌟


  3. Hi ,
    I think the lantern idea is great. I actually have some at home and plan to exactly that when the anniversary of my miscarriages come around. It is a great tool to help let of the sadness that overtakes your mind and body. I have a teddy bear from each miscarriage that was given to me by pregnancy loss Australia. They have some great tools there too.

    My ultimate therapy has always been typing it out though. being around other people that are going through the same thing. Also trying to assist them to by telling them about my experiences or learning from theirs. I hope something here helps. We are all here for you. xx

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  4. Babes – I disappered for a while. Had to. You get it. You’re surviving like I knew you would. Good on you. It will get easier. You WILL be deliriously happy again. You son loves you and is blessed to have you. He will be happy and loving always. If you do go to Vegas for your 40th, put some money on black 22 for me. It’s been lucky more than once. Heck, I’ll come and be there next you you!

    You’ve got this 😉 xx Canada

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  5. That is so lovely of you😘😘😘😘, I’ve been missing in action a bit too. Hurts a bit much. I will most def put it on black 22 ! Haha that’s awesome. I truly hope with all my heart you are doing ok ..?? ❤️❤️🙏🏻


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