My nurse Lou Lou 🐩

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So far the wait is ok.. 7DPO and only 3 days since transfer.  I’m sick with sinus infection, feeling soooo tired which I’m happy about. Little twingey here and there in my bits, but nothing too major too report yet.

I’ve given work the arse and My beautiful Lucy Lui the cavoodle is looking after me today .

Hope all my fellow IVF’s,  TTC’s & Newley  IVF preggo chickies are doing ok, thinking of you all and your journey. Stay strong xx 🙏🏻🌺

12 thoughts on “My nurse Lou Lou 🐩

  1. Sorry to hear you’re poorly and doubly worse when you can’t take any meds to ease the symptoms 😦 Lucky you’ve got such a lovely furry baby to keep you company. Lou Lou looks like quite the character – give her a nice belly rub for me. xx

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  2. Hope you feel better soon! I’m thinking sticky thoughts for you!! (Maybe the sinus infection will help! Not to be gross, but I’ve read about how my antihistamines for my allergies can dry out “other areas” 😉 as well, so maybe the extra mucus production will also happen in other areas and give a nice cushy, sticky place for an embryo to land!! … I know I’m not the only one to grasp at straws like this!)

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