Dr. DickheadΒ 

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So it’s done…no.5 has been implanted and we wait till 18/4 for result!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜³πŸ™πŸ»

Every time I know in my heart if it worked or not.  I must admit yesterday worried me a little as it was diff to every other time Ive had a transfer.

Dr walks in with barely a word (thanks dickhead) & shoves his machinery in and says so here’s the clamp, and begins what feels like a jack being lifted on a car wheel??   thanks captain obvious I guessed that. So my bladder is beyond full (last time it wasn’t enough) he spends literally 5 friken minutes poking around in there and no words were spoken? Chick doing ultrasound just kept moving around the wand on my guts. 

Was like they couldn’t find the lining? I was trying to relax and kind of holding my breath , my hubby was just watching and then finally the embrologist comes in and they do their thing. 

This time they don’t say it’s there in the lining and show us on screen, nor do I see it on the lining myself as I have previously. They say it’s done and ok and leave. 

Seriously I get that they all do it differently and the doctor is super smart and feels he is above us normal folk – but would it kill you to give me something during this experience?? Do they just forget along the way that we are human and this experience is pretty fucking emotional for us! 

I got up and wanted to pass out, I felt crap after this time and took a while to get back to myself. Did my usual trashy tv afternoon to relax and mum had my lil man. 

Anyway, aside from all the above..we are done and now we wait……. The hardest part of it all. 


38 thoughts on “Dr. DickheadΒ 

  1. We felt rushed when we had our initial appt back in Feb to go through this second cycle. We were in the fertility specialist’s office for all of 5mins….tops. It was all “so this is what is going to happen, sign here and here and see ya later!” It felt like we were buying a car or something. Just because it’s not our first time around the IVF block doesn’t mean we need less support/comfort/encouragement/etc. In fact, we probably need more!

    Sorry you had to experience that. Good luck! Sending sticky vibes!

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  2. I have yet to do my egg retrieval yet but definitely have felt like cattle along the way – like I’m just a number and that no one really gives much of a sh*t who we are and what our story is. I dunno, maybe the staff are all burnt out? Sending you positive and sticky thoughts – best of luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for the luck!! Yep all the poking and prodding we go through in all stages of this journey feels like your cattle. Egg retrieval will be fine. I enjoyed the little sleep you get ☺️ the transfer is very cattle like 😜 best of luck on your journey mate xxx

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  3. What a terrible experience, but let’s just hope that his medical technique is better than his manner. Maybe he’s good at his job because he’s really precise and he was trying to find the best bit of lining to deposit your embryo. Wishing you all the best and I hope it’s all up from here!

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  4. Wow Dr Dickhead alright! A bit of empathy and some people skills would surely help in this highly important stressful time. I hope the two week wait isn’t too torturous! Stick little embie! Xxx

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  5. There’s nothing like a good bedside manner and it sounds like he had nothing like a bedside manner! Don’t mind me, that’s just my vajyjay you’re butchering there! I love how they have no idea!! Good luck! Everything crossed and I’ll be thinking of you everyday. 2WW TV recommendations for me are every season of every Real Housewife series ever recorded! X

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    1. I know, he had zilch … But I’m going with the fact that he was concentrating really hard and a perfectionist 😜 with zero personality! If he nails this one, then I’ll forgive him for the violated butchering of the vag – haha 😳😜. Ooh yes, I did watch Atlanta and my hometown of Melbourne today. I still have Beverly Hills and NY first Epi & Dallas soon!! Omg I love reality tv so much πŸ˜‰ thanks heaps for thinking of me mate xxx


  6. CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING PUPO. Sorry for caps. Just excited. I must have missed this on my feed. I was shocked to read your experience. The lack of communication is unacceptable. I’m sure some doctors explain the whole procedure as they go. Just because you’ve seen that tree before, doesn’t mean they should let you just experience it again in the dark. As far as I recall, my doctor didn’t give me a play by play as she did all the speculum and clamping business but your description sounds utterly unpleasant. STILL it’s over and now you wait. Wishing you only miracles. ❀

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