Happy Easter! 

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So it’s Easter weekend…. Hubby and I have been sorting shit out and we have reached a mutual descision to continue on.

I’m happy that we are both back on the same page,  as most people suggested, we needed time & you were right. 

This is it ….lucky last I guess you could say. Only one more chance and then for the rest of my life I no longer have to think about IVF…..EVER again.   Whatever the outcome, I will deal and all will be ok. I have enough strength for this one … Mostly thanks to all your guys. 

We are going to enjoy this weekend, the beach and have some wine and forget about the world for a bit. 

Happy Easter to you all xxx 🌟👍🙏🏻🐰🐰

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter! 

  1. Amazing that you and your husband have reached your decision. We will be here, cheering you both on in the last round.

    To be honest, it’s normal not to see completely eye to eye, on every step of this journey. It’s healthy to express differences along the way.

    Happy Easter to you. x x

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    1. Thanks so much mate, that is so true. it’s nice to get all our feelings about it worked through and we can know we gave it our best shot ☺️ right to the end. I guess relationships would be boring without some challenges!! . Hope you had a wonderful Easter & are doing ok C ? !!🐰

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