Thank You 


So here’s a mental recap…..

Day 27: 8 Days since my #5th transfer.  I’ve had two pregnancies, one resulting in my beautiful nearly 4 y/o, 1 MC in Nov at 9 wks and I am on a quest to have one more miracle baby to complete my family.  This Fri 18/3 I have my blood test to confirm or deny.  Should this one not work I have one chance left & then we are done.   

I am nervous and excited and scared and angry and confused and drained all at once.  But…..One thing for sure that’s getting me through this two week wait has been the amazing beautiful girls I have encountered since writing & reading other blogs relating to IVF struggles and infertility. 

The beautiful messages I woke up to this morning will get me through today! So Thank You fellow blogging IVF / TTC / Unexplained infertility sista’s !!! 🌹🌹🌹 you guys are amazingly strong through all your individual journeys no matter how long or short (even though at times you don’t feel it ☺️ I promise you are). Your positive vibes and thoughts and prayers are awesome and I seriously appreciate every single word.  So Thank You!!! Xxx😘🙏🏻🌟

10 thoughts on “Thank You 

    1. That’s awesome news that you are being supported☺️. It’s incredible how people on here are so selfless and will take the time to give strength when they need it too🌟thank you! & good luck to you too!! Xx


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