Butterflies, butterflies everywhere! 

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So ok it’s 5 days post transfer & I’m looking for signs.  Give me something that tells me it’s worked….I do believe in spiritual stuff and lord knows I’ve experienced my fair share of psychics 🌟🦄🌈🔮 over the years!  

So now I’m focusing my crazy brain that I’m seeing an abnormal amount of butterflies?? I refuse to believe it’s just the season , it’s gotta be a sign right? 


Omg this is what this tww does to me, makes me go batshit crazy.  

On my very first successful IVF transfer which resulted in my miracle boy, I saw fairies! Not the tinkerbell kind, these kind… 


I had no idea these came from a dandelion seed, thanks google! 

Here’s to seeing lots of butterflies today ⭐️

12 thoughts on “Butterflies, butterflies everywhere! 

  1. I was just reading your reply to @sunnysideup2011 …. lol I had my husband HIDE my HPTs under strict instruction to make me wait until 3/16…. the “possible” first day of AF.

    Butterflies are a wonderful sign! If anything it’s something beautiful to focus on to relieve the stress of waiting 🙂

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    1. That’s a great idea, on ya hubby 😉 , cause sometimes the force of power to test early is just so strong, but every time I have done that it’s been negatory so I now refuse. Thank you – i do like focusing on this sort of stuff whether it means anything or not ☺️🌟🦄🔮 xxx

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