The quentessential pose

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So this is it girls, the pose we need after doing our transfers….


That’s not me ! (Thank you google for the image) . I did it last night and it felt great.  There’s also this one which helps….


I also did my relaxation with my legs in the air 😜 hey whatever works right!!

I have this chance and one more to create a little family member and a sibling for my miracle boy…I gotta piss of the negative thoughts and keep thinking positively and trying things that work for me and keep me & my crazy brain calm. 

It’s only Wednessay! I still have till next Friday 18th…. I haven’t let down my guard get, woohoo feeling strong, still PUPO And feeling positive. I hope this lasts 🙏🏻

Strength, love and hugs to anyone who stumbles across my blog ramblings and is going through the infertility, IVF journey. You are all amazing strong women  xxx 

6 thoughts on “The quentessential pose

  1. Watching and learning!! Thank you. Keep posting.
    I so agree about the amazing strong women part – I’m quite new to the IVF online community. I am inspired by all the stories of courage and resilience.

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