Time for the Vag clamps

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So it’s been a while! A lot has happened over the last few months since my last post.  I had a successful 5 day blast frostie popped in and got pregnant on 20/10/2015!!  Yay…. Then I lost my baby at 9 weeks. 

Fair to say, my hubby and I were completed gutted and shocked as we were not expecting to hear that news. 

As we patiently waited in the doctors waiting room reading baby magazines, pondering the future and allowing ourselves to be excited … We were then completely floored to hear that our baby had died that morning inutero.  Fucking devastated. 

Since then I have pulled myself out of a sorry arse rut and used excercise and food to heal.  It’s worked mainly..I’m still pretty scarred to be honest. 

I am about to embark on another Frozen embreyo transfer this morning,  I have such a multitude of feelings I can’t keep up. I have only two frosties remaining and I am not sure how I can be as positive as I should be?? How do you do it?? 

I have only told my folks we are doing this today, flying this one solo…as I have said before the less you give to people the less you get hurt by the lack of compassion and support. Not their fault, they just have zero idea what you are going through. 

On our travels into the big smoke to get my clamps on and have a giant needle type apparatus in my lady bits for the fourth time on this quest, cycle #5… we are listening to completely inappropriate Eminem songs, whilst my husband picks his nails fucking loudly and the insane traffic ahead is killing me…. Time for the Bach remedy and yoga breathing…just breath old girl ☺️ we can do this!! 

12 thoughts on “Time for the Vag clamps

  1. Fingers crossed for the two of you! We are doing our 2nd FET (donor eggs, 3rd altogether after 2 failed IUIs) in a few weeks and I gotta say, we are much quieter this time around too – and listening to Chopin ‘Nocturnes’ while preparing for our old grandpa RE to offer to show the equipment he’ll be using (NOOOOOOOOO! I’m enjoying my valium, thankyouverymuch)…

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    1. Thank you!! Same goes to you guys. Such a roller coaster of emotions isn’t it.

      Today I got excited and thought about sharing with a friend… Then I thought, nah screw it, I’m going to go this one alone.

      I’m so jealous about the Valium part😝 give me some of that shit. No drugs at my clinic ! Damn. Plus don’t you dare show me any of the equipment your shoving up there! I would die – haha. Good luck mate 👍 I wish you much strength love & power once you transfer🙏🏻 xx


  2. Hey I’ve been reading your blogs – it’s so true when you say ‘the less you give to people the less you get hurt by the lack of compassion’. Sometimes I wish I could tell my colleagues and friends but the truth is like you have said before – no one gets it unless they have been through it. There’s just no point. I wish you all the best xx

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    1. This cycle I have felt less stressed than all the others because I didn’t have any expections from my friends lack of support! It’s less stressful so far? I’ve still got till next Friday 18th eeeek!!!’ You take care mate, I really hope you are feeling better today and not hurting quite as much. My email is missren@yahoo.com if you ever need a chat. I feel like you need a lot of strength & virtual hugs right now . I promise you are stronger than you think. 🌺☺️xxx


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