Dissapointed with the new plan

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Well the last few days have been a super huge roller coaster of emotions thats for sure.  

Super early follie scans and blood tests before work over the past few days have been intense and unfortunately this afternoon the nurses called to advise that even though I had a couple of follies at 18mm (they need 3, but were confident one more would grow) my progesterone level was too high, so if they are able to get any embies out of Tuesdays collection, they will need to be frozen and I have to wait one to two cycles before doing a Frozen Transfer as they want drugs completely out of my system.

Sooooo dissapointed !!  now need to get my head around this new plan.  I feel like maybe this is not meant to be and I am just pushing fate?  I should stop with my son and be grateful as people have said.  I know how lucky I am to have IVF work with him, but it doesnt stop me wanting to add to our family and give him a sibling/bestie for life.   

I have zero support right now, I have never felt so alone that what I feel right now and wish it was different….I know I need to suck it up though and enjoy the time with my son,  I dont want to waste that time feeling sorry for myself.

God what a whingy post! Oh well you were warned, my blog is pure therapy and typing it out is the only way to get this shit out my head. 😁

Tomorrow is a new day, the trigger injection is required at 10pm, I  can barely stay up past 8:30pm!  It looks so bloody complicated, i have 3-4 viles to mix and jab. God i hope i get it right!  

25 thoughts on “Dissapointed with the new plan

  1. Ugh–yes, to be told your cycle is becoming a frozen one when you were expecting a freshie is SUPER frustrating! I hope this means your body will have a little time to reset and recharge and get ready for the months of pregnancy that follow. Sending you hugs!

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      1. Haha yep can’t say When trying to find a positive I didn’t think of the bottle of wine sitting in my fridge this last month 😊 Wednesday night I have a date with some chardy and salt n vinegar chippies 😜

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      2. So many huge positive vibes for you guys! I totally understand cautiously hopeful – so from (I’m guessing the other side of the world?) me and all your other support network can be extremely positive & hopeful on your behalf!! X😊👏

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  2. Don’t apologize for wanting more than one! You can be grateful for the child you have and still desperately want another… the feeling of life not going like you want and planned is common to either experience.

    I know the disappointment about not doing a fresh cycle 😦 I hyper stimmed both times. But if I admit to myself, I know my body wasn’t ready right away, I could feel the effects of all the hormones. At least I get to feel like ‘me’ again before we do a transfer.

    Soak up the online support – at least there are always people here for you even if you don’t reach out to those around you.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good collection for you.

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    1. Wow thank you so much and I appreciate your support a lot. Looking back I do feel like I am not 100% feeling right this cycle, things have been “different” and know in my heart it will be better when my body is better condition and rid of the drugs . Be nice to feel like me again☺️ thank you!


  3. Hey. Don’t ever give up on something you think about every day! If you never tried for #2 you would always regret it. Even if this round doesn’t work out, you’ll know you gave it 100%! Disappointment after a failed attempt is easier to handle than regret for no attempts.

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  4. Don’t feel bad for wanting another child. I have always said that I hope when we move forward that I would be lucky enough to have twins as then we would have our family. I am 1 of 3 children and D is 1 of 4. Our family is huge and although I don’t want loads of kids I find it hard to imagine only having 1. So don’t feel bad it’s a natural thing to want to experience something so amazing for a 2nd time. X

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  5. Waiting is the worst, and so is a change in protocol! Try to think of all the positives that can come from an FET over a fresh transfer. You get a chance to get yourself into the best possible shape to get pregnant! I am currently in a FET cycle right now and have been using the past few weeks to do some physical therapy, have acupuncture, and completely change my diet. I have never had so much energy, so I hope that bodes well for a successful transfer and healthy baby for both of us!

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    1. Thank you – Waiting sure is the worst but after egg collection i am feeling much more positive about this new plan. My last two frozen attempts failed – but i am at a new clinic with new methods and I just know its going to work. I wish you loads of luck and heres to our little frosties xx

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  6. Can only imagine how frustrating the change in protocol must be – very best of luck with the new plan. You’re not whinging! Your positive attitude is really inspiring. X

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