Serenity now!

assisted conception, ivf, unexplained infertility

Soooooo I am getting a little nervous, feeling like this is such a huge week ahead for me and I am flying pretty solo.

My own fault, don’t reach out, don’t particularly want to. Thinking maybe I am pretty comfortable in my ivf cycle #4 bubble .

Mum sent me a beautiful random gift to my house yesterday, was a beautiful tea set.  Very cool to get w surprise prezzy and know she is thinking of me jabbing away each day.

Honestly everyone has so much going on in their own lives which makes them unable to give the support I sometimes crave.  That’s where I thought typing it out in my blog and following everyone else’s journey would help me and it has!!

Tomorrow morn I have to get into the city before work at crows fart and have my ultrasound and blood test to check if I have a minimum 3-4 follies at 18mm.   Or at least look like I’m progressing well for egg collection maybe sun or morn!!! I’ll be honest I can’t wait to be knocked out for a solid sleep😜.

Hubby has the man flu and back injury so unable to be there for me right now.  Which sux a bit, I don’t have enough energy to look after him and a toddler. Just ain’t gunna happen.

Yoga has been getting me through this and has been my saviour. Here’s hoping the yoga glow can last for a few  more days!

Namaste 🙏🏻

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