Grumpy day x 100 

assisted conception, ivf, unexplained infertility

Good lord I was grumpy yesterday! I couldnt even bring myself to type it out.  Silly drugs fucked with my brain and allthough the funny feeling in my guts was gone, the overwhelming anger was insane I even scared myself.
My poor folks copped it, my hubby and my beautiful son. I feel better today thank god.  This new fabulous doc has put me on different meds this time round, I’ve only had one jab so far and start on monday the next batch before EPU.  Last stim cycle I felt fantastic through the meds until the dreaded 2ww hit. Then I was lucky enough to have a BFP.  That keeps me going through this cycle….new doc, new meds and new attitude. Lucky #4.

I have a wedding to go to tonight where I have to pretend to be someone I am not right now.  I would so much rather hide in my bubble over this month and really not deal with anyone at all. I just am so mentally consumed by this process. I feel like I dont have room for anyone who has no idea what I am going through.   Not that anyone has bothered to check in anyway…. Oh oh i’m getting cranky again..ok woman – snap out of it and enjoy the day!   Yes I occaisionally I talk to myself too 😝

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