What people say…

assisted conception, ivf, unexplained infertility

Sometimes I hate opening up to people who ask, I crave the support often, but then I cave and open up to someone who might not understand or who gives me less than I needed at the time. God it’s like no matter what you do or say, sometimes you don’t know what you want!

The truth is nobody knows what you are feeling and going through right now, other than someone who has been through it.

Some say “don’t worry, it’s ok,  just be happy with what you have already with your son” is hard to hear and I have said it to another person trying once to conceive naturally (even after I did IVF initially – I should’ve known this wouldn’t cut it as comforting words) and this reminds me I must apologise for saying it.

Whilst It is by no means wrong and I appreciate the thought…it makes me feel guilty for wanting another child, like I should be happy with what little miracle I have and not be greedy.

There are others out there who say nothing or who pretend to give a shit and others that are amazing and I know I can talk to them always and who check in on me. You rock and I appreciate those people heaps.  It’s nobodies fault – why should anyone know how to act.  Nothing anyone says is wrong! But Unless you have been through this, nobody can possibly understand how I am feeling.  I guess you just end up talking to the people that give you support and who you know will be there for you no matter what.

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