Hug a stranger . . .

assisted conception, ivf, unexplained infertility

Today I hugged a stranger…felt good. I should do it more often.

We ended up in the lift together on our way down, our journeys meeting for this fleeting moment where we kinda needed each other.  Me to give her strength and her to give me strength I guess?

She noticed my bag of goodies and noted what I had and how she feels when she sees the bag, I responded with my usual vocabulary with “Yeah its a fucking nightmare isn’t it?”.

As I go to leave she holds the doors open to ask about my journey so far and has the watery look in her eyes that I know only too well.  She has just had the pregnancy test and notes how it’s going to be a long day, it’s her first cycle and she has no idea if she is up the duff or not.

I told her to keep busy as much as possible today, to be strong but not too strong that you hold it in too much and I wished her so much luck.  I tried to hard not to cry when i spoke to her as she needed my strength and as I gave her my advice, she looked at me for hope, especially after I said that I had a successful first round of IVF and it is definitely possible that she could be pregnant. God I hope she is…

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